Analyze whether President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney should be considered to be Realist or Liberal in their approcah to international relations issues. In the analysis identify at least five traits of both Realist and Liberal as they are found in chapter 1 of textbook “Essentials of International Relations 5th edition” by Karen Mingst and Ivan Arreguin-Toft.
For each of the candidates show how their positions reflects either set of said traits. Use appropriate sources (e.g. Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Indianapolis Star,etc). For each of the traits per candidate there should be at least one different source. In all that would represent about ten specific sources.
follow the format of Introduction, Body of content and conclusion.
Note to Writer: I am very confused by what are the specfic traits of Realist and Liberal, please put in bold type what these “traits” are specifically.