* THIS IS very Important :


Question: Should the U.S. continue to pursue offshore drilling?

Possible topics to be covered in THE paper (choose at least 3) :

? Impacts on biodiversity
? Impacts on water quality
? Projected changes in the cost of developing renewable vs. nonrenewable energy
? Future policy formation on oil drilling
? Future policy formation on other energy sources
? Short- and long-term socio-economic consequences of oil spills and continued reliance on oil
? National security
? Environmental literacy


• Use APA format (refer to website above for instructions). No footnotes.
• Review the website above for tips to avoid plagiarism. Failure to properly cite sources will result in a severely lowered grade.
• Use your own words, if you quote or paraphrase an author (which should be done limitedly), cite him/her appropriately.
o When quoting or borrowing more than a line or so of someone else’s information, include page number(s) in the reference (Jones 1989, p. 215).
o Most of the information that you write about is borrowed from someone else’s work. Be sure to cite where you borrowed the information.
• Wikipedia is NOT a citable source!!Sources need to be reputable ??” Don’t trust everything you find on the internet. Avoid citing any website with a .com address.
• Literature Cited section does not count in the page count for the assignment.