i want you to write about willa cather’s o pioneers and to follow the following instructions:
1- start your essay by talking about the women in the american west at Alexandra” the heroine of novel” time. and their challenges and the stereotype about them. then talk about Alexandra.
2- start applying psychoanalysis and feminist theory on the hero ” Alexandra” giving examples about everything from the novel itself. provide many short quotations from the novel itself.
3- give a conclusion to your essay in which you refer to the fact that Alexandra represents the emergency of female movement in the west at her time.
1- try to use a very simple and clear language
2- use every source once and shortly.
3- provide short quotations and comments about them
4- link all your comments with the frontier experience in the american west.
5- psychoanalysis and femenist theory should be around four pages and a half.
please follow the instructions carefully