Evaluation-Argument Essay Guidelines

This essay employs both evaluating criteria and arguing a particular position. You will discuss and take a position concerning the question: is online education as effective as land-based education? The evaluative aspect must include the criteria for effective and successful education. You will then examine online education in terms of these criteria and argue whether or not it is effective. You will use no sources for this essay. The criteria are decided by you. This essay must be 4-5 pages in length. Use MLA documentation and format. The essay is to be typed in 11/12 point font (standard font, such as Times New Roman) and double spaced. The essay must conform to conventions of grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and usage.

Steps for a successful evaluation argument:
– begin with a catchy title
– establish criteria for effective education in the classroom
– qualities, traits, features
– purpose of education
– context
– standards (commonplace versus ideal)
– necessary and sufficient
– introduction states your claim and criteria
– state your claim (thesis statement) concerning the topic question
– use evidence to support your claim. This evidence is related to how well online education fits your effective education criteria.
– use reasoning in your argument (claim), not merely emotion
– anticipate possible objections to your claim
– offer responses to these objections
– summarize your evaluation for the conclusion
– check for transitions. Do not write in short, choppy sentences.
– check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.