Write three(3) page paper in which:

1. Recommend at least three (3) specific tasks that could be performed to improve the quality of datasets, using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology. Include a thorough description of each activity per each phase.

2. Recommend the actions that should be performed in order to optimize record selections and to improve database performance from a quantitative data quality assessment.

3. Suggest three (3) maintenance plans and three (3) activities that could be performed in order to improve data quality.

4. From the software development methodologies described in the article titled, ?Process-centered Review of Object Oriented Software Development Methodologies,? complete the following.

a. Evaluate which method would be efficient for planning proactive concurrency control
methods and lock granularities. Assess how your selected method can be used to
minimize the database security risks that may occur within a multiuser environment.
b. Analyze how the verify method can be used to plan out system effectively and ensure
that the number of transactions do not produce record-level locking while the database is
in operation.