Marilyn Manson intrigues me as an icon not just attack him in this paper also do not idolize him. Be careful with language and the tone in the paper. If good support dont need to use tone. Also make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence and concluding sentence leading into next paragraph..Transitional sentences important! ***Topic question: To what extent has the Southern California Location of Marilyn Manson”s cult following led it its development and or continued success? Also: Although he has cult followings elsewhere, what is it about Southern California or Los Angeles and Hollywood that makes it such fertile land for Manson”s cultic social groupings. Things to consider my prof says: -Make sure that u can justify why u think the chosen group is indeed a cult. What “Cult criteria” does the group meet? Explain and describe details and ideology and some history of Manson. -To what extent does the natural geography of Southern California (proximity to desert and ocean..can be found in source by McWilliams)foster eccentric religions and apocalyptic thinking? -Also What social factors (history of rapid social change through migration, the presence of Hollywood, racial seg..etc.) in Southern California contribulte to cultic groupings. My professor was saying that the opposition is really implied …and can be used throughout paper affadavits and stuff..opposition might say well why does his cult following particularly flourish in So Cal and Hollywood cause it does elsewhere..but say well look at how other city officials like in Midwest wont allow his performances and think manipulates youth and satanic and pagan and witchcraft rituals he makes youth partake in. *Also my prof was saying have to make sure explain what makes Marilyn Manson icon and qualifies his followers as a cult. *Also my prof says their is the Music industry and the drug culture that intoxicates Hollywood and Los Angeles why his cult flourishes here. *Manson can also be related to LA and Hollywood cause of his name explained in Gavin Baddeley”s “Dissecting Marilyn Manson” about how Manson”s identity that is self-invented “a name split between the theoretical opposites of America”s most infamous killer, Charles Manson, and her most beloved Hollywood star, Marilyn Manroe.” He wanted to represent this dichotomy..both notorious and glamourous icons of LA. He is definitely tied to Hollywood. In Manson”s lyrics often refers to Hollywood as “the drug capital of the world”. Sources to use: 1) Dissecting Marilyn Manson by Gavin Baddeley, London: Plexus Publishing Ltd, 2003===The best source with lots of info. Use this one!! He says Manson has led a “new generation of disaffected teenagers” to their forbidden pleasures. He analyzes the obscure references to occultic disciplines in each of Manson”s album releases. He refers to how Manson”s ascendancy to stardom and his cult following has significantly developed through the growth of the internet in the 90s. Manson explains the purpose of his music here: “A lot of people perceived it as a product and thats why rock ”n” roll has been so safe and boring. I want to take it and make it into a religion.”** Some of his followers are referred to as Spooky Kids and have mentioned figures like Friedrich Nietzsche, best known for his “God id dead” as the reason for their fascination with Marilyn Manson. Baddely not only asses Manson”s references to Nietzsche as a part of his ideology, but also explains over the course of chapers the “conceptual relationship between Marilyn Manson and Charles Manson” through the use of his lyrics of Charles Manson that are embedded in many of Marilyn”s songs. ***Baddeley states how Manson makes reference to Charles Manson as a “gifted philosopher” and how “he is only one of a long tradition of counter-cultural figures who have fallen under the spell of Charles Manson.” He espends time describing the elements that underly his lyrics and the voice of his followers: Satanism, fetishism and the goth aesthetic. Baddeley says, “The primary origin of fetishism remains the expression of individualiy-which is why the fetish counterculture finds its darkest high-profile advocate in Marilyn Manson, the self-appointed “Nineties voice of individuality.” **Also important is Manson”s relationship with Anton La Vey and how he made Manson a reverend of the Church of Satan before La Vey died. 2)Marilyn Manson”s own The Long Hard Road Out of Hell autobiography with Neil Strauss, New York: Harper Collins Publishers, Inc., 1998.: important has affadavits written by opposition..shows how midwest and other states not allow his concerts and think has pagan rituals and satanic rituals that manipulate youth. also has great info from Marilyn himself. 3)Goth Chic: A Connoisseur”s Guide To Dark Culture by Gavin Baddeley=London: Plexus Publishing Ltd,2002.: Very good book that explores gothic culture and satanism and takes a pop and subcultural perspective. Baddeley is an expert on the occult and history of goth and the occult. Can use this book to show how Marilyn Manson”s cult following actually qualifies as a cult and why it flourishes in Los Angeles especially, though it does nationally and internationally too. 4) Need to use these next two sources for sure too cause need to be integrated in paper. 4) Mike Davis “Cult Catastrophe.” Ecology of Fear. New York: Vintage Books, 1999. 304-311. and 5) Carey McWilliams. “Dont Shoot Los Angeles.” Southern California: An Island on the Land. Santa Barbara: Peregrine Smith, Inc. 249-272. 6)Margaret Thaler”s book Cults in Our Midst: The Hidden Menace in our Everyday Lives, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1985. This is the book I found with general info on cults and one i listed i would use..but if you cant find it ..u can use another book on cults which identifies what makes a cult and the dangers associated with it and the perceptions of one.