request for awest!!!!

I would like a 15 page chapter 1 dissertation. I will email you my intent to propose which has been approved. An annotated bibliography with citations, and a started literature review. My goal is to see the end result of chapter 1, and then hopefully you can complete chapter 2 as well.

1. APA
2. Margin 1 ½ on left
3. All other margins 1 inch
4. Double spaced
5. 12 pt Times New Roman
6. Please use 90% American citations, and from 2001 or later if possible, except for Seminole authors like Mowday and Porter

Chapter 1 15 pages

• Introduction
• Statement of the problem
• Purpose of the study
• The theoretical framework (organizational commitment)
(add a model) the job satisfaction & organizational commitment by Feinstein
• Research questions
Null hypotheses
Research hypotheses
• Significance of the study (I do not believe white-collar, seasonal contingent workers have been analyzed as part of a wholly seasonal work force. They are measured against their full time counterparts.
• Research design (this is in my intent to propose) ( quantitative and the two instruments are included as well)
• Limitations, delimitations, and Assumptions
• Chapter Summary

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