Organizational Change Project Analysis

Topic: Mandatory overtime for nurses.
Change proposal on mandatory overtime for nurses.

Identify an idea for development of a comprehensive project to improve an aspect of your organization or an educational offering that will address such an issue (Mandatory overtime for nurses)
Be sure to focus on the change component and key stakeholders. The purpose of this assignment is to create a plan for organizational change.

This is a two part assignment. Please write part one and than part II. Do not put them together. Part One includes a brief description and history of the organization, the proposed change and rationale for the change, and ways in which the proposed change is compatible with the organization?sculture.

? A description of the organization includes information about its history, vision/mission, goals and objectives
? Description of the change
? Description of ways in which the proposed change is compatible with the organizational culture
? Rationale for selection of the proposed change is described
? Support from professional literature is provided

Part Two are the theory used to guide the change process (Mandatory overtime for nurses), as well as strategies for implementing, monitoring and evaluating the proposed change. Resources needed are included as well.

? Support for the need for the proposed change based on data obtained from one or more sources (e.g. community assessment, market analysis, economic projections, financial analysis)
? Steps needed for implementing and monitoring the proposed change
? Describe the change theory used and the steps needed for implementation
? Identify resources needed for implementation, monitoring, and evaluating the proposed change
? Monitoring and outcome measures are developed that could be used to identify whether or not the change was actually implemented as planned and/or whether or not the expected outcomes were obtained.

Support for the plan content includes at least 10-12 published professional references, at least three of which need to be published research reports