Occupational Therapy Program (OT) Due March 1,2014

Case Study Assignment
Each student will be assigned a psychiatric diagnosis and complete a typed diagnosis report
Anxiety Disorder

I. Introduction (define the diagnosis, onset, Etiology or causes or reasons for developing this condition, diagnostic work up, medical interventions) Symptoms ? state the symptoms associated with this diagnosis
II. Medications and side effects-sedatives, antipsychotics, stimulants, anti-depressants, Mood stabilizer, Anxiolytics
III. Functional limitations ? what problems will a patient have in functioning in their occupationalroles?
IV. Treatment intervention ? describe the common treatment interventions, including medication management but ALSO include OT treatment interventions ? this is very important ? do not forget the OT treatment interventions.
V. Types of groups that the person would benefit from and what they might involve to influence the client?s functional skills
VI. Patient Prognosis with regards to the psychiatric illness conclusion of paper

2. DOUBLE-SPACED, APPROPRIATE FONT (no larger than 12 with no more than 1? margins)
a. diagnosis defined; how diagnosed
b. history of diagnosis
c. Common medications used to treat the illness
4. Etiology/causes
5. Common symptom overview
6. Functional problems or limitations that may be addressed by OT, Group interventions 7. Treatment interventions
a. medications commonly used, types of therapy
b. specific OT intervention techniques (specific sensory integration activities, stress management activities, modalities, group activities, etc.
8. Prognosis and concluding statements of paper

9. References included
10. No grammar or spelling errors
Total points possible 100