After reading the following selections in NITL, answer the questions below in a fully-developed paragraph.

?Character? pp. 122-130

?Recitatif? by Toni Morrison, pp. 131-147

?Setting? pp. 157-164

?A Pair of Tickets? by Amy Tan, pp. 179-195

?Sample Writing? pp. 199-204

?Symbols and Figurative Language? pp. 205-211

?Theme? pp. 241-245

?A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings? by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, pp. 353-358

1. What does the title “Recitatif” mean in Morrison’s story? What does Morrison say about race and class in this story?

2. Discuss the use of several settings in “A Pair of Tickets.” How does Tan use setting to explore the theme of self-identity of this tory?

3. How does Marquez use both religious imagery and magic realism to show the theme of “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings?”