For PROMPT #1 & #2: Based on the reading American Earth: Aldo Leopold page 265-294 (download the pages below)

Leopold writes, “In human history, we have learned (I hope) that the conqueror role is eventually self-defeating. Why?”
In one succinct paragraph, explain what Leopold means by this claim. In one clear sentence, state whether you agree with him, or not, and why. Use MLA format and at least one quote in your paragraph. (it depends how many words maybe 250-300 words) make it sufficient as it can be.

please follow MLA guideline from purdue:

What does Leopold’s statement that we all –animals and humankind — strive for “peace in our time” mean to YOU? (200words)

Make at least one paragraph (2 paragraphs is good) of information regarding industrial and organicfarming practices in the United States, and post 3 useful web links of the topic. (325 words)