Choose the topic and the thesis yourself.Please accurately follow the directions that i gave you.The reading should be done on a book :AN Oresteia,the TRANSLATION SHOULD BE ONLY BY ANNE CARSON,U CANT USE ANY OTHER VERSIONS
The story of Agamemnon and his family, familiar to us from Homer’s Odyssey, shows up again
in Aiskhylos’ Agamemnon, Sophokles’ Elektra, and Euripides’ Orestes. Discuss the use these
tragic playwrights make of the Agamemnon story. How does each playwright reimagine the
Agamemnon story while staying faithful to the myth found in Homer? Remember what Marry
Poppins says: “In every job that must be done / there is an element of fun.” What is the job of
each play, and what is the element of fun that each playwright brings to his work?
Grading Criteria
The following is a list of qualities I will be looking for in your essay. Use this checklist both as a
guide to writing your paper and as a way to make sure your paper meets the criteria I will be
using when reading your paper and determining your grade.
? Length: 900-1100 words
? Style: Times or Times New Roman, 12-point, 1-inch margins, double spaced, no additional
spaces between paragraphs
? Meaningful title that refers to the topic, text(s), and thesis
? Introductory paragraph states the topic, the thesis, and the examples
? Body paragraphs begin with topic sentences
? Body paragraphs are topical and develop their topics adequately
? Paper includes examples from the text
? Paper analyzes the examples critically
? Makes good use of evidence from the text (may be quotation, summary, or paraphrase)
? Cites evidence properly (including summary and paraphrase as well as quotes)
? Avoids excessive summary
? Avoids excessively long quotes
? Represents the text accurately
? Essay makes a logical argument consistent with the premises of the text
? Contains minimal grammatical or spelling error