The prompt: The purpose of this paper is to give you experience in writing a public policy analysis for a public policy that impacts a business corporation. Draw from your knowledge of Institutions and Porter’s Diamond. As the Senior Vice President of Administration Corporation you might be asked to provide input concerning an existing policy or a new public policy to the CEO and Board of Directors. You would research the issue, making sure to get inputs from various key organizational actors who deal closely with the policy. For example, you might analyze The Sarbanes Oxley Act, 2002, or the Family and Medical Leave Act, 1993, HIPPA, 1996, or some other law, from both conceptual and implementation perspectives. The page limit is 8-10 pages, excluding the Title Page and Bibliography. Your paper would include the following elements:

Title Page
1. Executive Summary
a. Summary of the policy
b. Key Opportunities, Issues, and/or Obstacles
c. Key Findings& Recommendations
2. Introduction
3.Describe your Data Collection Methodology
4.Data Analysis Methodology you used for analyzing the data ??” content analysis of
library sources, or interviews, or survey research, etc.
5. Findings & Impacts on the Organization
6. Recommendations
7. Bibliography & Appendices

My proposal/subject to write on:The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was passed in 2009 and has been rolling out over the past few years, with the final reforms to be enacted in 2014. THis legislation has many implications for businesses. Most notably, beginning in 2014, businesses with 50 or more full time employees will be required to offer health insurance to their employees or else they will be penalized by the government. WIth the rising health care costs in a still recovering economy, businesses will have to reevaluate their current status, policies, and employees.

This paper will explore the different implications and effects the ACA may have on a mid-sized corporation with about 50-1000 employees. Some questions to be answered may include: What options would the corporation have when the Act is fully implemented and what position should it take? How should the policies of the ACA be implemented within the corporation? How would the ACA affect the corporation and its stakeholders?

Quantitative and qualitative will be collected from publications by businesses, the government, and independent research studies.

Some ideas I think should be addressed: A business/corporation could split up into smaller corporations so that they would be exempt from paying for the employee healthcare. Or the business can fire enough employees so that they are under the 50 employee limit. But what are the Corporate Social Responsibility implications if they adopt either of these options?

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