Description: A complete and concise study and research paper of current techniques to assist patients in quitting smoking.

Complete and accurate research on the effects of cigarette smoking on the body’s major organs (e.g.: cardio-pulmonary, renal, neurological and immune systems). include information on the chemical changes and effects of nicotine that reinforce addiction.

Research and discussion of current treatment standards, including pharmacological agents, various behavioral modifications and resources available to the patient for on going compliance.

Describe strategies for educating patients who currently smoke about the hazards of smoking. include how to refer patients to a formal smoking cessation program that is convenient and appropriate to their lifestyles.

References, spelling, grammar and legibility. The student must used at least w current the last 4 years. Web references must be within program guidelines (AARC times or journals or any respiratory cite) NO WIKIPEDIA OR MERCK MANUAL.