This order is a “Critical Response” as was stated by the professor. I chose to put it under the title of “Review” because when I contacted your support staff they suggested that I just pick the “Type of Document” that is most like a “Critical Response”.

This “Review” or more accurately put “Critical Response” is on a movie that we watched in class. The movie is free on Google video, the link is:

The title of the film is called Darwin’s Nightmare.

Below are the instructions given by the professor:

The content of this “Critical Response” is framed around your thoughts on key points highlighted in the film, or points that stood out for you, and how these related to the course. In other words, what are relevant aspects of the film that stood out for you in relation to the content of this African Studies course in general? This assignment does not have to be formal in style, but should be thoughtful in content.

Please discuss briefly (along with your feelings on the film):

How does this film show connections between the economy and politics? (i.e. How are economics and politics connected relating to this movie?)

What jumped out and what is its relevance to the course?


Those are the instructions as per the professor. As for the films’ relation to the course I am sending (via email) 8 lectures that the writer should read over just to get an idea of the course so they can relate the film to it.

Other than that it is a pretty straightforward order! Please email me if you have any questions.
There are faxes for this order.