Go to your local supermarket (Safeway, Albertson’s, etc.) and list all the different types of milk that are sold there. (Ignore the brand names.)

Products (whole, low fat, skim, soy, organic, lactose free milk)

Looking at those products, what type of market segmentation(s) do you think could be used effectively in segmenting this market. Be specific about how these methods would be applied. Show how each possible segmentation method would apply to the types of milk you have identified.
Segmentation methods( emographics,Geographics,Geodemographics,Psychographics,Benefits sought,Usage)

Should you choose to submit this for a grade, remember that your grade will be based on the memo’s content, clarity, grammar, and depth of analysis. It should be typed with at least 1 inch margins, double-spaced, and have no less than 10 point font size.

Please use a writer other than the one than completed A2032117. I was not impressed with the paper that was sent back to me.