The abstract should be 3 to 4 pages in length. You should use at least two primary sources (other than the case the topic is centered on) and two secondary sources. Be sure to develop the overall theme of the paper and the background/history if relevant. Please include footnotes and a works cited page at the end of the paper.

Here is the topic:

Cockran v. Veneman and the National Dairy Promotion Board. Did government go too far with ‘Got Milk?’

Abstracts should be double spaced pages typed in Times New Roman size 12 typeface. Margins should be set at one inch (1”) top and bottom and one and one quarter inch (1.25”) left and right. Please note that the page number requirement does not include space allocated to footnotes.
For each abstract you will need to cite at least several primary sources and enough secondary sources for a full topical discussion. Though this may not seem like much compared to the number of sources you might cite for a full 20 page research paper, you should remember that in order to fully understand the topics you choose (and write about them in a cogent manner), you may have to do considerably more research than you list in the actual abstract.

When most people think of finding aids and indexes, they think of some of the different READER’S GUIDES. Though they may be useful to you in supplying some broad information on a particular topic, usually the Reader’s Guide indexes general interest magazines like Time and Newsweek. Unfortunately, these popular or mass consumption magazines will not provide enough depth and information about a topic to be useful as a secondary source

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