Paper requirements are strategy and policy recommendations on a critical issue(s) about or between military organizations South African (Sub-Saharan Africa) and AFRICOM. Importantly it should discuss issues such as military to military training and other military programs that make AFRICOM important to South Africa that protect U.S. national security and examine challenges to U.S. Interests and the instruments, institutions and approaches the U.S. might use to meet those challenges.

1. Grammar style must be Turabian.
a. 8 pages
b. Paper should be double-space
c. Times New Roman 12-point font
d. End notes or footnotes may be used to indicate the sources used

Miles Stones:
1. I would like to review outline and thesis statement as a way ahead for feedback. This is not a request for an additional page to the paper.

South African (Sub-Saharan Africa) Perspective on AFRICOM, If you have a better topic, i’m open to any ideas or recommendations on a topic for this paper.