Answer 4 of the 6 questions below, 1 question for 1 page (total 4 pages, 4 questions), 1 question includes 2-3 sources. FOLLOW THE EXACT FORMAT in file attached (writing format.docx).

1. Describe the significance of the invention of agriculture to the development of Mesoamerica. When and where did it happen? What were the consequences of this invention?

2. What was the significance of term ?God, Glory and Gold?? What was role did it play in the conquest and colonization of Mexico?

3. Who were ?La Gente de Raz?n??

4. Describe the “push-pull” migration phenomenon the occurred in northern Mexico and the U.S. Southwest. What triggered the initial ?push? and the initial ?pull??

5. What was the significance of the Pachuco phenomenon and the Zoot-suits Riots of the 1940?s?

6. Why is the G.I. Forum important to the Chicano Experience?