Writer’s user name: Heideger(He is used to this order because he already took my order last time)

To. Heideger

Hi. I got final assignment for MESOAMERICAN ARCHAEOLOGY.
Last time you took care of Midterm assignment. The directins are same with last time.It is to choose three questions among six and to make mini-research for answer. The answer is based on our text. I going to send selected reading pages by fax. For reference, let me tell you the text.It is same with last time.

TEXT: The Aztecs,Maya, and their Predecessors: Archaeology of Mesoamerica, 3rd.ed.by Muriel Porter Weaver. Just make same with last tiem. Also, be sure to cite your evidence whenever possible.

P.S: Do me a favor. Yesterday, I sent reading materials for Order I.D 46587 (it was the other order)by fax,but I have not got confirmation email from ESSAYTOWN.It was total 54 pages include cover letter. I am just worried about you guys are confused because You guys got three orders from me which are Order I.D 46583, 46587, 46624. In addition, I got confirmation email only for 46583 and 46624 for faxing.

I just want to know you guys got my faxing or not for 46587.
Just let me know please!.

There are faxes for this order.