The paper needs to be a research essay that takes a side. The side of this paper will be on having drug addicts go into rehab programs instead of facing jail time. I would like the paper to have reseach that supports this idea. For example if any states have practiced this concept and what the results have been. The research needs to support the fact that the paper pro rehab program vs. jail time. I need the research to be from reliable sources. The majority of the information should come from newspapers, published artices and books not from random internet sites. Please do not use legal jargon make the paper clear to someone who is not familiar with drug addiction/ jail/ courts/ etc… Please use active verbs and limit passive verbs. The paper should follow APA style and use 4-6 sources. The paper should be around 5 pages. Please have a strong thesis statement that is concluded in the conclusion. Every statement needs to be backed up with reliable information. Please cover all aspects of the issue. But please remember I want the paper to support the idea of rehab for drug addicts instead of going to jail.