Respond to ONE (1) of the following prompts.

Write a competent 1,000 word essay for the same.

‘C’ Option = 500 words

See the PURDUE OWL for help regarding MLA DOCUMENTATION.

Be sure to address the prompt directly in the thesis!

Develop your answer accordingly.

Write in your own words and use short/exact primary source quotations as examples in your body paragraphs.

You may (optional) use secondary sources.

However, DOCUMENT ANY/ALL SOURCES that you use in your exam via complete parenthetical and bibliographic citations!

Note: A symbol is (in general terms) anything that stands for something else.

Note: A literary theme is a subject/idea of significance.

Final Essay Prompts (Select ONE):

1. Discuss seasonal symbolism in Shakespeare?s Sonnets. Use three (3) literary works as examples.

2. Discuss the theme of the sublime in Romantic prose OR poetry. Use three (3) literary works as examples.

3. Discuss the theme of imperialism in ONE (1) literary work from the Victorian era. Use examples.

4. Discuss the theme of discovery in ONE (1) literary work from the Modern era (1890-1970). Use examples.