Diversity and Global Understanding: Explain the concepts of diversity and inclusion in the context of U.S. society and culture as well as in the context of a global society.

?How did the diverse people and events you have studied in this course contribute to United States society and culture?

Choose two cultural groups Native Americans, Africans, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Irish, etc. Discuss in detail their origins and contributions to the development of this country and how the events that they experienced led to their inclusion into, or exclusion from, United States society by the 1870s. Please use specific examples to support your central themes. You may find it useful to compare and contrast the two groups that you choose.As far as possible, your paper should make use of the ideas, sources, and themes that you covered in your module papers.
Your paper should have at least 6-8 outside sources, including any relevant ones from your module papers.
Sources should be cited and referenced in either APA or Chicago/Turabian format. Your final project should be 6-8 pages (1500-2000 words) long, excluding the title page and references.