I would like to get a FORAMLIST ANALYSIS of the story “SonnysBlues” by James Baldwin.

My thesis statement is: ” The author has used characterization, the settting of the story and the symbolism/imagery to show that brotherly love can prevail over the tragedies, suffereing and conflicts between the siblings.

I want my essay to talk about the main characters ,setting, symbolism or imagery. You can manipulate my thesis if you would like, however it has to do something with LIVING WITHIN THE FAMILIES (thats the main topic we are covering in class. So, the thesis could be sisbling in conflict, brotherhood, suffering due to a brother…something around those lines.

And I want the quotations from the actual story to support the point of view with the in text ciataion mentioning the line number, not the par number). for example: Sonnys brother was shocked to read the news in the newspaper. “I [he] couldn’t beleive it” (Baldwin 20).

this essay is for general audience.