As you read through this assignment, remember it is the final project outline.

In Unit 4, you identified ideas and practices based on your research findings. In this assignment, you will develop your final paper outline. The outline should include comparing and contrasting the ideas you found in the literature, focusing on the following:

•Theories and principles.
In addition, include the following in your assignment:

•Assess which practices are best for team performance in the context of your project topic.
•Include evaluation components for your ideas and your sources.
•Present your analysis and recommendations clearly.
Review the Unit 6 project assignment requirements and the grading criteria for this assignment so you are certain to include all required points regarding three to five best practices. Include why and how they might be used to improve teamwork. The following should also be included in your paper:

•Arguments need to be supported by referencing the five or more sources you located in your research.
•Include citations. This includes referencing course readings as appropriate.
•Demonstrate graduate-level writing mechanics, which include a reference list that is in APA 6th edition format.
?This requirement is graded in each assignment.
?Make sure that the title of your paper reflects the focus of your course project topic.
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