How can attending a Christian college like Azuza Pacific, taking Bible classes, and participating in weekly devotions (sharing short bible verses) help you develop a moral compass for yourself? How will you help your students develop a moral compass in a public school setting?

Response should be a minimum of 2 pages.
Feel free to right casually and use the word(s) “I”, “I would…”,“I plan to…” in your response.
Include at least 3 references to support your opinion.

Background information:
Azuza Pacific offers an accelerated 18 month early childhood development bachelor’s degree program.
The program requires a 6 week course on Biblical Perspectives (including studying the book of Philemon)
and two weekend courses on the study of Jesus and the Christian community
Students take turns sharing devotions and inspirational quotes with fellow classmates each week.

*I have been very pleased with mmorley’s work, if possible please assign this order to this writer.

Otherwise I will be happy with any writer who is familiar with early childhood development or can write from the perspective of someone who has grown up Catholic/Christian but hasn’t spent much time in church or reading the Bible since Sunday school…someone who is a “quiet Christian.”