Question: It appears that U.S. Middle East foreign policy is going to take yet
another tactical turn in the “war on terror” with the recent “regime change” in
Washington. The Obama Administration is at least rhetorically signaling that they
will scale down Iraq, in favor of redeploying thousands of U.S. troops to
Afghanistan, which by all measures is still smoldering (and possibly re-igniting)
from the 2001 U.S. invasion and removal of the Taliban in Kabul. To the extent
the campaign promises become a reality, use the 9 theories we have discussed in
the first part of the semester to explain the continuing conflict in Afghanistan.

Sample Outline
(But feel free to design your outline any way you wish)

I. Introduction / Thesis Statement – a brief statement outlining your position or
something relevant about this issue.

II. Body – the bulk of the paper is here, in data taken from the readings and other
evidence you have found in support of your position.

1. Historical background to the conflict
a. Soviet invasion – 1979
b. American response or provocation? – supporting the Mujahadeen
c. Soviet withdrawal – 1989
d. Rise of the Taliban – (1994 – 2001)

2. September 11, 2001 and the American invasion

3. Theoretical construct
a. Levels of analysis
b. (A) useful theory(ies) to explain the conflict

III. Conclusion – based on the evidence you have gathered, your opinion
about Obama’s “surge” plan and which of the 9 theories you feel is probably the
most accurate for describing why this war continues.

1. Again, make sure to include a citation every time you use a statement or
an idea from the readings that I have provided, or that you found in your own
independent research.
2. “A” papers will be:
a. fully documented and cited
b. a minimum of 8 – 10 pages in length
c. research beyond authors provided
d. turned in on time (3-18-09)