Each student must do a video review of 3 videos, and give me your position on whether you agree or disagree with the author and why. The stronger your argument, the higher your grade.YOU MUST SELECT ANY 3 VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE THAT COVER ANY OF THE AREAS THAT WE COVER IN OUR LIFE SPAN DEVELOPMENT COURSE. GO TO YOUTUBE AND TYPE ANY OF THE SUGGESTED TOPICS, OR PICK YOUR OWN, AS LONG AS IT RELATES TO THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LIFE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. TOPICS MAY INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Teens and Texting, Senior Citizens, Death and Dying, Kids with autism, Kids with Learning Disabilities, Kids with Disabilities, Adults with Disabilities, Kids and Television Violence, The Divorce Rate, Why Males and Females Cheat in their Relationships, Kids and Social Networking, Adults with sexual dysfunctions, death and dying rituals, teen suicide, adults with schizophrenia, kids with schizophrenia, and many other possible titles.