Please read the following vignette and write a treatment plan assessment.
The treatment plan should address the following:

1. Client information
2. one paragraph – description of client
3. one paragraph – providing history of problems
4. The client Mental Status Including:
* cognition
* Affect
* Mood
* Behaviors
* Physiological Functioning
* Suicidal and Homicidal Assessment
* Social History
* School History
Client Strength
5. The Client presented problems
6. Identify the legal and ethical issues in the case?
7. Demonstrated critical thinking in discussion of the important legal and ethical issues?
8. Write a 2 paragraphs or more case conceptualization. This means discuss which problems client is experiencing, and why?, from a consistant theoratical prespective which is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) she is having these problems.
9. Write a logical and rational of what do you think is going on with the client?
10. write the 5 Multi-axial diagnosis and provide a rational for AXIS I and AXIS II, one paragraph each. This sectikon should be as the following:

Rational (paragraph) why you choose this diagnosis?
Rational (Paragraph) Why you choose this diagnosis?
11. Write goals and objectives using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
* 5 short term Goals
* 5 Long term Goals
12. Write one paragraph explaining why you used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
13. write interventions that goes along with the goals, this includes:
* 5 initial Stage
* 5 progressive stage
14. Write the outcomes of the counseling progress.

Please be sure to answer each question 1-14 after reading the vignette. Be sure to provide a header for each question. The case conceptualization should be based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Prespective. APA format.


Alexandria Wright is a 37-year-old female who came to Dr. Hidlan for therapy. She mentioned that she had counseling a year ago. Alexandria is experiencing Flashes of sadness. A few months ago she started having recurring dreams of her father?s death who passed away a year ago. She feels sad. Her siblings hide their feelings. After a year she feels back to what is going on. The client was made as the executer of her father?s estate. She is working on the estate but is annoyed with people. She has 3 sisters. She is the 2nd oldest of 4 girls. Her father?s well stated to split the estate 4 ways. All personal property is being given a value. She thinks back to her parent?s death. Her parent?s were cheated out of their estate by some of their siblings and she didn?t want that to happen with them. The client stated that her and her sisters agreed not to involve their husbands in the estate business, but her youngest sister?s husband, Bruce tries to stick his nose into their business and the client doesn?t like it. Her oldest sister is Isabella 39 and they are all 2 years apart, she is not married, Victoria the sister below her is married, and her youngest sister Elizabeth is married to Bruce who keeps trying to get in her and her sister?s estate business. Bruce doesn?t like it because she told her sister Elizabeth to tell him to get out of their business. Bruce took the accounting test 4 times and couldn?t pass it. He works for Managed Care CEO., but he failed the accounting test. The client passed it on the first try. She got her BA and her Masters Degree and she is also a CPA. The clientstates that it is insulting to have Bruce inquire about her and her sibling?s estate because it is none of his business. The Psychologist informed her that he knows Bruce and that Bruce is a friend of his. The client asked the counselor to talk to Bruce but he declined and stated ?than that becomes a legal matter on my part? ?I cannot have dual-relationships in therapy?. The client states she specifically priced each of the items in the estate to be as accurate as possible. She is putting a lot of work into making sure every dollar is accounted for before disbursement and she gets annoyed and upset when Bruce starts asking questions about pricing values of estate items. Her relationship with her siblings is somewhat shaky. Elizabeth is the client?s youngest sister. She states Elizabeth is spoiled and always got her way. She had no rules or guidelines from their parents compared to her and she resented it. The clients states that Elizabeth is spontaneous and has inappropriate behavior. Victoria her next to the youngest sister get along well. Her oldest sister Isabella is a peace of work. The clients states that Isabella is very sloppy, totally the opposite of her. The client likes neatness and is very disorganized. Isabella was so sloppy when they were growing up that the clients separated the room they lived in together to separate the sloppy side and create a boundary. The client is the closest to Victoria. She states that Victoria is an accountant too. The client has 2 boys. Victoria has 2 girls. They have a good relationship with each other and their parents. Their parent?s had rules and expectations. The client stated that she is very responsible and organized. She organizes everything. Closets with clothes by dress, skirt, color, seasons, etc., and has coded them on the computer to use when she wants to pick an outfit. The clientsstates her immediate family has breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time every day. Tuesdays are always laundry day. Their life is very structures. She states that structure is important and cleaning is the same way it makes things less complicated. Order is very important to the client. All 4 of her closets are in order. The clients is and orderly, organized, hard worker. She states she gets complaints from her sisters, they think she is obsessive with organization. When her and her sisters go on vacation she organizes everything. Her sister?s think she over organizes. She organizes, where they will stay, the grocery list, the trip itself, menu, everything. While they are on vacation the client doesn?t want to be disturbed. She will bring something to organize. She feels unappreciated about the trip organization. She just tries to make life easier for unexpected things in life. The client does not like unexpected things, so she keeps a back up plan. She always has sub category files to monthly expenses and people they do business with. She states that she enjoys organizing, it relaxes her. When they are on vacation she rents a place where she can reorganize the kitchen or other rooms in the rental. She likes to organize whether it is in work or play. The client states that it is a solitary task. She states that her husband is an Engineer. She spends most of the time with the children. They are 5 and 7 years old. She has taught the children to organize their closet, lay out the clothes they will wear, and put everything away when they are finished. She states that the 7 year old has been doing that for 2 years. The client states that when she is frustrated she goes and starts organizing to help relax her. Organizing invades her thoughts when doing other tasks but she lets the other tasks go but it?s hard. She says she does not obsess. Her rituals of organization are the same way. She goes to make sure the car is locked every night. She states when others talk to her it does not give her thoughts. She does not hear voices, and has no thoughts of death or hurting others or herself. The client states her major milestones accomplishments are she graduated Valedictorian in high school, got her BA Degree, Magna Cumlada and her MS Degree Magna Cumlada. She has been working had on their parent?s estate to make sure all prices average out. The client states that her brother-in-law Bruce keeps objecting to prices and that bothers her. She states that she does not let others help her. No one could do it as well. She is thinking of taking her children out of school to home school them because of social influences, drugs, pregnancies, the culture and so on don?t meet up with her standards, morals, or ethics. She states that she manages the money and she and her husband have several saving accounts including for their children?s education. She manages their funds with an explicit budget and tracts all of the expenses. She states they live their life by a budget and save about 20% or so of their money in retirement, a nest egg, and their son?s education. Her sister?s call her a perfectionists. The client does not think she is a perfectionist. Her sisters do not interfere and let her finish her tasks. Her sisters and others think she is stubborn but she does not think so. She states that she has operated in the same way all of her life. She stated she is tired of Bruce challenging her on prices. She remembers witnessing what happened to her parents when her grandparents died and what they went through. After some of the kids took the money they were ostracized by their siblings. She doesn?t want that. She states that even though her sisters and she have their differences, family is still very important. They made a pack to leave the spouses out. Elizabeth is dealing with the situation and trying to get Bruce in like but she is having marital problems due to this. The client?s states again the Elizabeth is crying now about the whole situation. She states her sister is a spoiled baby and her other siblings are mad at Bruce. The client?s most important issue is that her family stays intact. That is very important to the client.