I must list the Title,author,date of publication,publisher,number of pages and chapters which I have listed below;
The Cherokee Nation and thr Trail of Tears written by, Theda Perdue and Michael D.Green. Published 2007 by Viking Publication, USA. 161 pages and 7 chapters.
I must identify the Thesis and answer the question did the author support the thesis? If so,explain. If not, why not?

He wants my input of the but, my critisism and would I recommend the book to a friend

I enjoyed the book, and would strongly recommend it. I felt empathy towards Native Americans in the 1800’s especially the Cherokee, I have a Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother that survived the Trail of Tears, her name was; Cherokee Alabama Swindle. This book opened my eyes on racism towards all. The Native AMericans were treated very cruely, and I am some what embarassed of the behavior of the “white man”