Employee privacy and torts


Focuses on how employee privacy started and how it is changing and evolving based on our every changing community/society and technology

I. Historical background intro to employee privacy
Roberson v. Rochester folding Box. Co
Common law right of privacy
II. Public Employee?s Privacy right
Privacy Act f 1974
Freedom of information act
III. Property searches in the public sector
O?Connor V. Ortega
IV. Private sector Employees property searches

V. Invasion of property
Confidentiality of medical records
Motor Vehicle information
Unreasonable disclosure of private facts
Intrusion on seclusion
Video surveillance
Cramer v. Consolidated freightways, inc
VI. Monitoring employee telephone conversations and email
Email monitoring
Electronic communication privacy act
Text messaging
Remote computing services
Electronic communication services
Deal V. Spears (1992)
VII. Drug Testing
Governmental testing
Patchogue Medford congress of teachers v. Board of education
Testing in the private sector
Jakubowicz v. Dittemore
Testing procedures and methods
VIII. Polygraph Examinations
EPPA of 1988
Anderson V. Philadelphia
Throne v. City of El Segundo
VIIII. Employee defamation claims
McCallum v. Lambie (1887)
Absolute and Conditional privileges
Miron v. University of New Haven Police department (2007)
Employee evaluations
Investigation of misconduct in the workforce
X. Where we are today with social media?how doe you see employee privacy changing (reference recent cases)

This is a general outline, but may and should include other relevant topics