Thesis sentence must be:

The main character in Mark Twain’s novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, evolves throught three stages of heroism: a play hero, a false hero, and a real hero.

1st sentence of 1st paragraph:

Initially, Tom is a “play hero” in the games he plays with his friends.

then choose 3 examples to develop paragraph from:

robin hood p 61-62
pirates p 58-59,89
army p17-18
aerobatic hero p 17-18

1st sentence of 2 nd paragraph must be:

Later, Tome becomes a “false hero” as his need for attention pulls him into realistic role playing.

choose 3 examples to develop paragraph:

sunday school episode p 25
late to school p 47
the funeral p117
the dream episode p 120

1st sentence of 3rd paragraph must be:

Finally, Tom emerges as a “real hero” when his concern for other outweighs his concern for himself.

choose 3 examples to develop paragraph:

the trial p 153
becky’s spanking p 136
the cave and becky’s rescue p 203
keeping huck civilized p 229

Paper must have the following:

1. At least 2 quotes per stage of heroism
2. Correct mechanics-capitalization, punctuation, no run-ons/fragments,spelling and verb tense(present)usage.
3.Details in paragraphs must be directly realted to given topic sentences.

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