The following 2 essays are on the Shakespeare play, The Tempest.

For the first essay I need you to craft a thesis, and support it in a 3-page essay.

Essay Topic 1: Analyze Prospero?s epilogue in The Tempest with Puck?s epilogue in A Midsummer Night?s Dream. Obviously, each of these characters practice magic and ask for the audience?s forgiveness. But Puck?s request also suggests that any disgruntled viewer should consider an offensive play to be nothing more than a dream. Think about the significance of dreams in that play: the four lovers are made to believe that their adventures in the woods were a collective dream. But these events change the direction of their lives. Has the ?dream? of the play had the same effect on the audience? What effects does theater have on viewers? Perhaps Puck?s epilogue suggests a parallel between the way that fairy magic alters the lives of the mortals in his play and the way that theatrical arts transform an audience?s view of the world. Shakespeare?s conclusion to The Tempest evokes this earlier epilogue and may also suggest that the magician?s request for forgiveness is as loaded with underlying implications as Puck?s seemingly innocent request. Analyze what these implications might be.

For essay number 2, I need you to craft a thesis, and support it in a 2-page essay.

Essay Topic 2: Compare Prospero?s use of dark magic with the witches? and/or Lady Macbeth?s use of witchcraft. Also, consider the parallels and distinctions between Prospero and Sycorax. Is magic more threatening when wielded by women? Puck?s magic is generally viewed as mischievous, but the weird sisters?s are usually viewed as sinister. Why?

My textbook for this course is The Norton Shakespeare, edited by Stephen Greenblatt, et al, the second edition (2008). So if the text needs to be referenced or sited this is the book I need it to be referenced from.

To summarize, I need 3 pages for essay 1 and 2 pages for essay 2 and if there are any quotes needed to further prove the argument please site from the textbook stated above. Also, please do not use outside information unless it is extremely necessary and if so, please cite its origin, other than that please stick to what the text provides to answer the question. Thank you