This assignment encourages you to apply the SymbolicInteractionist perspective to your daily life. First, keep a journal that chronicles your life over a two-day period. Second, highlight your journal using different colored markers. Indicate which journal entries would be of most interest to Simmel or Mead. Third, construct a 4 ? 6 page paper that compares and contrasts how each theorist would analyze your experiences. You are required to use at least eight sociological concepts that are consistent with the theories of Simmel and/or Mead in your analysis. Rather than simply identify these concepts, you should use them to provide a sound critical analysis of your journal entries. In order to receive full credit, you must submit a typed copy of your journal with your paper. The typed journal is not included in the page count.
Your paper should do the following:
1. Describe the main assumptions and principles of the Symbolic InteractionistPerspective.
2. Compare and contrast Simmel and Mead regarding your journal.
3. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each theorist.
4. Utilize at least eight sociological concepts, consistent with Simmel and Mead in your analysis.
5. Cite appropriately from the text.
6. Include a typed copy of your journal with the paper.
Formatting guidelines:
1. Use an 11 ? 12 point font (Times New Roman or Arial only).
2. One inch margins on all sides.
3. Double-space all pages of text.
4. Provide a title page.
5. Include a running head and page numbers on all pages.
6. Include an introduction and a sound conclusion.
7. Appropriate use of APA in-text citations.
8. Appropriate use of APA full-references.
Submission requirements: