I will email material, you must use 2 sources from the list, no need to cite just indicate the author you are using in the paper. cite work if you choose to use outside material. The file attachments are in the best order to answer the questions

Answer each of the essay questions below. For each essay, discuss in detail the work of at least 2 scholars we have read this semester in making your argument. You may refer to any other source you wish, but cite each reference properly (author, date, publication, etc…). Each essay should be roughly 2 pages in length, double spaced.

A. Describe the decisive ‘moment’ of the gamble in which the results become known and the uncertainty is resolved. Can it be defined? What does it feel like for the gambler? Why is it so addictive?

B. Compare and contrast the history, growth and culture of Las Vegas to that of Wall Street. How does each frame the act of financial risk taking differently?

C. How has the acceptance of risk as an inevitable part of life (the ‘ontology of chance’) contributed to the rapid expansion of the gambling industry? How do global risks differ from those actively chosen?

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