The paper is to be about the Oracle of Delphi in Ancient Greece. The paper should basically be a survey of the important aspects of the cultural experience that took place at Delphi. If I could offer any stylistic suggestions for the paper, I would say be wary of multiple cititions within a short space. The paper should be more than just a bunch of facts layed out in a row. After a citation, there should be some analysis of the relevance of the evidence. Essentially, paragraphs shouldn’t end with a citation.

We have been reading Walter Burkert’s “Greek Religion”, and pages 109-111, 114-118, & 143-149 will be especially valuable for this assignment.

I will also fax over a couple of articles. One by Hugh Lloyd-Jones entitled: “The Delphic Oracle”, and one by Joseph Fontenrose etitled: “The Cult of Apolllo and the Games at Delphi.”

I will also send some ancient sources under the title “Oh! Paian, To Whom We Cry!”

Most importantly, I will fax over a reading outline for all the sources above. This includes five questions that, if answered within the course of the paper, will make an excellent basis for the paper.
There are faxes for this order.