This paper is to be written as if I am an Environmental Lobbyist….Class instructions follow

Learning goals:

Scientific concepts; research; data gathering, analysis and interpretation; modeling; planning; critical evaluation using the scientific method; written communication.

For this part of the assignment, each student will write a 5-page paper (see Writing Expectations) to be submitted on-line, using the link below. For this assignment, there are two added requirements for resources:

At least two of the references utilized must have been published within the six months prior to the date of the first residency.
The resources cited must include at least two that are not obtained online (not including the textbook).
A word of caution: the literature is extensive in this area. Students will need to gauge their progress and the depth of their research. Keep an eye on the assignment requirements and the questions you need to answer. If you have any concerns or questions please contact the instructor as soon as possible.

The following are the required areas to address in your research paper:

What is the greenhouse effect and why is it important?
Explain the scientific process involved
What is global warming and how is it related to the greenhouse effect?
Explain the scientific concepts of global warming
What is the evidence/data to support that this is actually happening?
What is the most probable cause of global warming?
What evidence is key to determining the cause?
What is the link to human activity causing or accelerated global warming? What is the key evidence (remember the scientific method…)?
What are the key counter arguments (i.e. data, evidence, theories that human activity is not a significant factor)?
Critical evaluation of the scientific investigations into global : data gathered, scientific concepts, models and ‘conclusions’ reached:
Remember to consider the scientific method. Is it being following? Explain?
What are models and how are they used for global warming?
After this investigation and analysis, what is your ‘bottom-line’ on global warming? What can we do about it? What are the main options/alternatives and their pros/cons?
What is your actionable recommendation and rationale?
Scientific/technological solution as the major part or all of your recommendation is required.
Dsicuss the science involved (this is, after all, a science course) in your recommendation
Other components are certainly OK and likely appropriate.
Although it can include more research, education or conservation/reducing energy usage as minor components, these cannot constitute the majority of the proposal.
What is the biggest risk of a problem should your recommendation actually be implemented?
Are there any key risks to the success of your recommendation?
Address opposing views and why yours the best solution?
Keep in mind that no one will be able to dictate the solution, so each paper and discussion point will have to convince others to agree to the recommendation and implementation plan. Also, remember, you are playing a role.