Response the question:
California classrooms are comprised of a global student body that brings together many diverse cultures. The California student body is a plethora of different types of family structures, religions, languages, and lifestyles. Lois Lowry’s award winning novel THE GIVER is set in a community that is the antithesis of a California classroom setting. There is a mundane sameness to everything in the utopian world of THE GIVER and especially the school environment. While Jonas and the other children who make up the world of THE GIVER are under strict rules to avoid individual and group differences at their school, California school teachers encourage students to share and celebrate their diversse cultural backgrounds and individual differences. However, in some instances Califronia students are caught between two warring factions: diversity and assimilation. You are required to dicuss two similarities related to the above stated issue that children experience in the utopian world of THE GIVER and California classrooms. Make certain you support your ideas with examples from the novel.