I need to write a paper on documenting the evolution of the 4th amendment law using Supreme Court cases. Not just any cases these ones in particular: (Origns)Olmstead v U.S, (Searches with Warrents)Illinois v Gate (Searches without warrents)Draper v U.S, (Searches Incident to a Vaild Arrest)Chimel v California,(Loss of Evidence)Rochin v California, Schumerber v California, Cupp v Murphy,Winston v Lee, Skinner v. Railway Labor Executives Association, Illinois v MacArthur, (Consent searches)Schneckloth v Bustamonte, Bumper v North Carlina, Florida v Bostick, Stoner vCalifornia, U.S v Matlock, Illinois v Rodriguez, (Safety searches)Terry v Ohio, Adams vWilliams, Minnestoa v Dickerson, Illinois v Wardlow, Florida v JL, (Places searches)Katz vU.S, (Homes)Minnesota v Carter, Kyllo v U.S, (Cars)Chambers v Maroney, South Dakota v Opperman, Calfifornia v Acevedo, Knowles v Iowa, Indianapolis v Edmond, You don”t need to use ALL of them, but as long as it flows togehter