1000 word double-spaced essay please respond to the folowing statements or premise: DUTCHMAN Amiri Baraka’s message in dutchman to fellow blacks is plain: “Assimilate at your peril.”Many would suggest that this statement might as easily apply to any person of color, racial or cultural background, sexual orientation, gender, age, or in many instances even religion. While we have just recently elected the first black president, in many ways America is still as unjust as it was at the play’s premiere in 1964 in which today’s society is still often segregated, people are judged based on stereotpes, and if you are not of the majority culture you may well assimilate at your peril. In AMERICA TODAY THEN, the Dutchman still sails, and Baraks’ play is still relevant. Agree or disagree? Why or why not?
AS always, support your position with specifics, use as much personal experience as possible to support if necessary, and avoid over-generalization.