This paper is based on the book “The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness in the Fair That Changed America ” by Erik Larson.
The topic question is: “How was Holmes able to exert such power over his victims? What weaknesses did he prey upon? Why wasn’t he caught earlier? What, if anything, can this narrative tell us about crime and urban life in the late nineteenth century?”
The Guidelines for the essay are:
Title your essay appropriately. Type your essay title, name, and class identification information on a separate title page. Do not repeat this information.
Your ideas and critical interpretation are important to include for the success of your essay. Do not write a summary or review of information for this assignment.
Within the first two sentences, state the subject of your paper. Avoid general and nonspecific introductions.
Spelling and grammar count. This means that incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes will be reflected in your grade.
Underline book titles. Place essay titles within quotation marks.
Provide the name of the author of an essay or book in the same sentence as the first mention of the text.
Do not use Wikipedia. Wikipedia is full of incorrect information and is not an acceptable source of information for this course.
You need to use either footnotes or endnotes consistently throughout your essay to document your references. (In Microsoft Word: Insert, Footnote, select footnote and AutoNumber and hit OK).
Read your paper before you turn it in. Double-check for grammatical and spelling errors.