Decision-Making Model ASSIGNMENT

In your readings you have been introduced to the following decision-making tools:Decision Grid, Payoff Table, Decision Tree, and a Consequence Table. In this assignment you will identify an important decision that you have recently made or plan to make in the near future and apply one of the decision-making models that fit best. Carefully review each model in relation to the decision you have selected. For example, a Decision Tree is used for events or specific scenarios and a Consequence Table is based on alternatives given the objectives to be met. This assignment will provide you practice in using decision-making tools that can be helpful in your nursing role.

? Identify one important decision that you recently made or will make in the near future.
? Select the most appropriate model reflecting the type of decision.
? Write two to three sentences describing the decision and its context.
? Construct one of the decision-making models that aligns best to your decision (see textbook for examples).
? Clearly identify the conclusion about the decision based on the completed model.
? Use PowerPoint to complete this assignment with one slide for the two-three sentences and 1-2 slides for the model you construct.
? Attach your PowerPoint in Assignments.

GRADING (rubric will be attached as a resource)

This assignment is worth 8 points and will be graded using the Decision-Making Model Rubric.

Review the rubric as a tool to help you get full credit for this assignment.