This is a pursuasive/research essay to be done on the play The Cuban Swimmer(1984), which I will be faxing to you. There are several choices that you can choose from as your point of persuasion, I’ll leave that up to you. 1.)Should The Cuban Swimmer have been left out of the present edition of literature? Why or Why not? -or- 2.)How could you stage the Cuban swimmer on a limited budget? 3.)Why do teens react against parents? 4.)Abuse in training (and how it relates to the story).I dont care which one you choose or what opposition you pick pro/con.

These are the guidelines my professor gave us-

Paragraph 1- Attention Device
Paragraph 2- Summary of Play
Paragraph 3- Thesis statement (3 claims/points)
Paragraph 4- Claim one
Paragraph 5- Claim two
Paragraph 6- Claim three
Paragraph 7- Opposition
Paragraph 8- Refutation
Paragraph 9- Conclusion
*These claims are YOUR opinion but they need to contain research that support them. I would like for the sources to be listed in works cited and to also have parenthetical citation when quotes are used.Thanks So Much!!!
There are faxes for this order.