I need an essay on the following essay topic:

“Wait and hope,” are the last two words of the novel. Explain how hope is an important element or theme in the novel.

Make sure that you address this topic in a well-written analytical paper of four full pages (times new roman, 12pt. Double spaced). Be sure to focus on the topic;
do not simply summarize the story. Be sure to use YOUR words; NO OUTSIDE SOURCES
ARE ALLOWED (no need to go on the computer AT ALL)-only cite the novel (Works Cited
page); Biblical support is allowed-be sure to follow MLA citations. Include a clear thesis and at
least three brief quotations from the novel.

Please use the Barnes & Nobles Classics THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO by Alexandre Dumas
Introduction and Notes by Luc Sante
ISBN 978-1-59308-088-4 Copyright 2004
Please only use this book ??” If you can’t find it then please reassign it to someone else.

Thank you.