This needs to be a total of 2 pages with a minimum of 7 paragraphs. The paragraphs do not need to “flow” together necessarily.
“The Country of the Pointed Firs” by Sarah Jewett and “The Beast in the Jungle” by Henry James.
Where do the characters of these pieces “travel”, (not just the big journies but the smaller ones – – for example, not just to Dunnet Landing in the “Country”, but, within that, to Green Island and the North Pole and the Bowden Family Reunion) and what do they learn – and not learn – there? Are the new places good or bad contrasts to the places they came from – and how and why? Choose one character and one journey from each piece. (for Marcher “Beast“, it’s more the journey he takes inside his own head!) and discuss what is learned – or not learned, and why and how, and what the author seems to be implying about journies: who takes the, and under what conditions they’re instructive, or not.