The topic should focus on a literary or related element utilized by the author that has a significant role toward meaning or purpose in the novel. Ex: The allegorical symbols in Death in Venice used to represent a looming World War I on the not so distant horizon or any other topic that meets the criteria above.

There can only be one internet source for every 3-hardcopy sources (books, essays, etc…) used. But an internet source can also be considered hard copy if there is a monthly publication of the source i.e.: an online magazine, online book, online journal etc… that has an actual hardcopy that can back it up. Also, 7-10 sources may sound like a lot, but the sources can be on historical meaning of objects, colors, clothing etc… through out history (ex: there is a man in Death in Venice who has red hair and freckles, through history red hair and freckles has been symbolic of the devil or evil). And of course there can be one or two sources on Thomas Mann”s life. >>