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Research paper
Book : The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
Thesis : I need the thesis statement e-mailed to me as soon as possible if possible and restated separately at the top (for my personal knowledge)before the research paper / essay
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-10 pages – 11 sources

the paper/ essay
has to be either a persuasive or mediating essay that sways the audience to adopt a point of view of the writer or to take a certain course of action.

If it is a persuasive essay, evaluate forms of appeal: the appeal to reason, to character, to emotion, and the appeal through style.

If it is mediating essay, you need to know the positions that you’re mediating. Your analyses will need to locate areas of disagreements about facts, interests, assumptions, principles and so forth. What is the source of conflict and how can it be resolved? Propose a solution to the dispute that will satisfy both sides. The paper needs to navigate the spaces of disagreements among the sources, and needs to either defend a position or provide a balance or compromise. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the sources making an argument on your topic using the Toulmin model.
Toulmin model ex.@ http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/~digger/305/toulmin_model.htm

Purpose of the paper: to persuade a reader to act or to mediate the disagreement of an argument.

Sources : – Use MLA style/documentation
– A) Cite your sources. When introducing another author’s ideas or words, use a tag or signal phrase (for example, “According to Dicken’s…”). Give the page number of the passage in parentheses and the name of the author if you did not mention it before.
– B) Quote, paraphrase or summarize other authors according to your need in introducing them.
– C) On a “Works Cited” page, list all authors cited. The list needs to be in alphabetical order and complete bibliographical information for each source must be shown.
– D) Possible sources that can be used listed below:
– sources, essays and articles (Elements of Argument) 9th Rottenberg
– books, excluding novels
– articles from popular magazines(Times, Newsweek or similar)
– newspaper articles
– articles from academic or professional journals
– non-textual sources: TV program, lecture, film, videotape, news reports, advertising in magazines, billboards, interviews and more
– electronic sources such as those on the Internet(carefully evaluate these)
– novels, poetry, art, music sculpture, architecture, drama, dance and crafts.