GOVT 2306 Texas Government

Public Policy Research Paper

The paper will answer the following questions:

1. Does Texas? public policy work?
2. Choose a public policy and analyze what group receives assistance and whether or not the policy achieves its goals. Provide examples as needed.

Citations: In your essay you must use at least five reference sources. These can be books, journal articles, newspaper stories, magazine stories, or Internet sites. You may use the textbook as a source for your paper. You must properly cite your sources in your paper and provide a bibliography page at the end of your essay. Make sure your bibliography is alphabetized, starting with the first letter of the last name of the author or, if no author, the first letter of the title of the article. Please note that the bibliography page and the title page do not count as pages of your essay! In other words, I want your essay to have five full pages of text, plus a bibliography page and a title page. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CLASS LECTURES AND NOTES CANNOT BE USED AS A CITATION IN YOUR PAPER. IN OTHER WORDS, YOUR INSTRUCTOR IS NOT A SOURCE OF INFORMATION YOU CAN USE IN YOUR PAPER. If you are not familiar with writing a research paper, I strongly advise you to talk with me or visit the Writing Center.

Please use the APA format for your paper. Double spaced with one inch margins.
12 point times new roman.