Discuss and examine in as much detail as possible (using information from your book) the following essay questions. You must answer both questions. Do not just copy what is in your book ??” that is plagiarism. Use your own words to answer the questions but you may use the textbook. If you want to use the same wording that is in the book then use quotation marks and cite the page number.

1. Discuss and examine Capital Punishment in Texas. Look at the benefits, drawbacks, costs,
and moral and ethical questions raised by imposing the death penalty as punishment in
the state of Texas. Do you believe state government should put criminals to death?
Also, discuss and explain the purposes of prisons (being sure to examine its functions
Including correction, rehabilitation, punishment, isolation, and deterrence) and if Texas
prisons achieve those goals (according to the textbook). Also look at the changing focus of
Texas prisons, prison problems, repeat offenders, reentry issues, parole, and what the state
might do to address some of these problems.

2. Discuss and examine public education in Texas. What is the purpose and function of an
I.S.D.? What are the purposes of the SBOE and the TEA? In your opinion, is the TAKS
test good for educating students in Texas? If the Legislature eliminates the TAKS test,
then what should it be replaced with?


I will be scanning the pages of this text book and sending to you. The book is Practicing Texas Politics 13th edition. You do not have to cite, but like it says if you use the book cite it.