Tesla Motors is an innovative US car manufacturer making a high performance all electric sports car, the Roadster. They have announced production plans for a new model four door sedan car, the model S, to be delivered in 2012.

Case Question
Write a four page paper (excluding title page, references and any appendices) in which you respond to the following case question:

Tesla Motors became a publy traded company, (NASDAQ stock quote code: TSLA), earlier this year. You are the Channels Manager for Tesla Motors. How do you think Teslahas developed its distribution strategy, i.e. what were the most important things to have been considered? With the launch of the model S sedan due in 2012, how would you further develop the distribution strategy over the next five years, and why?

Ensure that you repeat the case question shown in bold above in full and verbatim on the title page of your submission. Excluding your title and reference pages, your paper should be no more than four pages long.

Although this case question relates to channels of distribution you are expected to use both your knowledge acquired from MOD03 as well as your acquired knowledge from prior MKT301 modules.


Use information from the background readings as well as the case articles and any good quality sources you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper.

The following will be assessed in particular:

Your demonstrated understanding of the marketing concepts central to the case question.
Your identification of relevant criteria consumers will use for assessment of the product and development of a simple segmentation scheme.
Your demonstrated understanding of factors related to the development of a distribution strategy through the analysis you conduct and their use in the context of the case.
The criteria used for assessment will be those explained on the MOD01 Home page, namely:

Critical thinking.
Effective and appropriate communication skills.
Begin your analysis by reading the following sources:

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The Background Info page provides further information useful in writing your paper.

Please submit your case for grading by the end of this module.